Grand Master Chen Zhenglei, born in May 1949 at Chen’s Village, China, is a 19th generation descendant of the Chen’s family and a 11th generation direct-line inheritor of Chen’s Taichi. He was the head coach at the Chen’s Village National Taichi Center and vice-president of Henan Wushu Stadium. He is officially accredited with the title of “China’s Top Ten Contemporary Martial Arts Masters”.

He began his martial arts training at an early age with Grand Master Chen Zhaopi and Grand Master CheGM_Chen_Zhenglei(1)n Zhaokui. For over 30 years with hard work and diligence, he mastered the complete Chen’s Taichi system at a high level and earned the honor title of “Taichi Jingang”.

From 1974 to 1988, he has won numerous gold medals and championship titles in national and international tournaments. He led his team between 1989 and 1996 through Chinese provincial and national wushu championships and won first place three times, grand champion twice and thirty-five single event gold medals. His teaching career began in 1972 and now his students spread in all provinces in China and over dozens of countries in the world. In 1981, on behalf of the Chinese government, he hosted the first international taichi delegation to Chen’s Village headed by Hideo Miura the director of Japanese National Taichi Association. Subsequently, he hosted over a hundred of international delegations behalf of the Chinese governmentt. His international tours began in 1983. Throughout the years, he has been dozens of countries to host workshops and seminars.

Master Chen is well learned in Taichi theories. His major works include Ten Phases of Taichi PracticeA Collection of Chen’s Taichi Boxing and Weapon RoutinesChen’s Taichi for Health and WellnessThe Wonders of Taichi Kungfu, etc. These books are both rich in texts and illustrations and they are highly regarded as important materials for scientific research of Taichi.

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