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John Higginson (Chen De Zhuang) born in Manchester UK, has been studying Eastern traditions since 1968 and Chinese Martial Arts from 1972.
Starting Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) in 1980 with the RoseLi school and also having the great fortune to be taken as a closed=door student in 1983 by Sifu S Kwok in the Wing Chun system.
Continuing Taiji with several teachers mainly as a health excercise and for his mothers sake until he had the great fortune to meet Master Tan Ching Ngee of Singapore and Master Lau Kim Hong of Malaysia in July 1989.

nd committed his training to learning a deeper understanding of Traditional Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan. Competing at international level he has won many gold medals and currently awarded 4 Gold Medals in the 2017 Open Masters Category, also joining his team to go on to win the Ronnie Robinson Trophy for Push Hands Applications.

Sifu Jamal Alek is a disciple of GM Liming Yue and a Senior Instructor at the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre in Manchester China Town UK. Training studying and teaching on a daily basis for the love of the arts helping to promote Tai Chi Health to the world.Please put your own profile details here.

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