On-line Live Streaming Classes 常规网络视频课程

The video clip below is just a sample of our live-streaming teaching of regular classes conducted, in our online streaming platform, by Master Liming Yue to the students in the Tai Chi Centre in the UK, and it was broadcast live at the same time. 下面的录播视频是岳黎明老师在英国太极拳中心进行的现场直播视频教学样板片段。

On-line Live Streaming Classes Timetable 直播教学的课程表

Please Login first then go to your membership page at the side menu to watch the classes . 请您先登陆您的会员账户再从左边的菜单去观看课程。

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Private Lessons – face to face online teaching 私人面对面视频教学

Please use the Booking Calendar to book your private lesson – face to face online teaching with instructors in the Federation.  For more details of the equipment needed please see the page Video Calls