The Admin page looks like this:


School, Club and Branch Pages

Create School and Local Chapter pages
Create Club and Chapter pages
Create Branch pages

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Test page

Database admin

Update China Members
Coupon usage report
All coupons report (admin)
Sales report

Shareholders Page

Memorandum pages

Club products

Add a product to the Shop

These functions are described below:

Generating School, Club and Branch Pages

The Admin menu has three links for automatically generating School, Club and Branch pages on the website. These pages are editable by the club member named when the pages are generated.


The School pages generator creates two pages which are freely accessible to club members and visitors. An additional Platform page is accessible only to Platform members and above.
Here is the form that is submitted to create School pages:
When the required information is entered and the Submit button is selected, three pages are created and listed with hyperlinks so that they can be viewed:
The Home page provides general information about the club and promotional video(s).
The More-info page is normally used to provide information about the instructor(s).
The Platform page provides additional information and video(s) for Platform subscribers.

Club Products

This is a form to upload details of  products offered by particular clubs for the purpose of recording sales attributable to those clubs.

The form will add the product to the shop and assign it to the selected category. The club name is used as a subcategory of the category chosen.

The featured image for the product can be uploaded and attached to the product automatically.

Up to 6 Video files can be uploaded to the media library and assigned to the product automatically as downloadable files.

Choose the product category and the club name from the two drop-down lists.
The name of the club will be added as a subcategory of the main category selected from the drop-down list. This will allow club product sales to be easily identified.

The submit button causes the product to be added to the shop in the chosen category.

Club Sales

This Admin function lists the sales of products assigned to a particular club (eg Liming yue) or a product category (eg DVDs). A date interval can be specified.


Select the club or product category from the drop-down list.

Dates are optional but specify both if they are required.

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