Contracted Instructors for the Federation

These instructors are invited to teach online on the Federation Platform and they are all well qualified instructors selected worldwide. For more details of our Instructors’ interesting and inspiring biographies, please feel free to visit their Clubs host on the website.

Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei (陈正雷)

- Top Ten Contemporary Chinese Martial Arts Masters
- 11th Generation direct-line successor of Chen's Tai Chi
- 9th Duan Chinese Wushu 

Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei was born in Chenjiagou Village, and is a 19th generation of the Chen family and 11th generation direct-line successor of Chen Family Taijiquan Chen-style taijiquan.

He is recognized as one of the four “Buddha’s Warrior Attendants (Si Jingang),” the four outstanding exponents of the 19th generation in Chenjiagou. He travels around the globe giving workshops and creating an international group of Chen-style practitioners.

Grandmaster Chen is listed in the China Contemporary Education Celebrities Dictionary, China Present Martial Arts Masters, and Contemporary reform elites and he is the creator of the 18 Short Form of Lao Jia. In December 1995, Chen Zhenglei was recognized as one of Top Ten Martial Arts Masters of Present Day living in China.

Since 1998, the Chinese Wushu Association together with the National Sport Commission and the Chinese Wushu Research Institute has established a graduation system based on nine Duan levels (rank), Grandmaster Chen achieved the 9th Duan Wei Grandmaster (Jinlong—jiu duan: Gold Dragon) level in 2012, and he is one of the few holders of the highest rank of the Duan wei system.
Master Jack Yan (严志刚)

- Ph. D in Education Chinese Martial Arts
- First 18 In-chamber Disciple of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei in 2008
- 12th Generation Inheritor of Chen’s Tai Chi
- 7th Duan Chinese Wushu

Professor Jack Yan is a faculty member at Health, Wellness and Sciences Centre in Georgian College, Canada. Born in Hegang City, Black Dragon River Province, he began wushu training at an early age. Jack Yan is one of the first 18 in-chamber disciples of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei who is a major gatekeeper of Chen’s Taichi and is officially accredited one of the Top Ten Contemporary Chinese Wushu Masters. Jack Yan graduated from Shanghai University of Sport majored in Traditional Chinese Sport – Wushu. His advisor is Professor Qiu Pixiang who is officially accredited as one of the Top Ten Contemporary Wushu Professors. Besides Taichi, Jack Yan also trains in Five Elements Tongbei, Whipstick, Eight Immortals Sword as well as Long Fist. He is a practicing teacher and a published author.

Jack Yan began teaching in Canada in 1988 and is an active practitioner in the Chinese Martial Arts communities in North America. His students have won numerous medals in local, national and international tournaments. Jack Yan also has a master degree in English Language and Literature which makes him an effective and unique wushu promoter in English speaking communities. His books in English and translations of Wushu books in English have won him worldwide recognition. He was awarded the Professional Achievements Award in 2014 by Fairchild TV.

Jack Yan has been running TNT Kungfu School in Canada for over twenty-five years. He also has a very active presence online.
Master Liming Yue (岳黎明)

- World Tai Chi Promotion Ambassador in 2009
- First 18 In-chamber Disciple of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei in 2008
- 12th Generation Inheritor of Chen’s Tai Chi
- 7th Duan Chinese Wushu in 2004

Master Liming Yue started his Chinese martial arts training at the age of 8, came to England in 1995 to establish the "Chen Style Tai Chi Centre". After 25 years' relentless effort, Chen style Tai Chi now has many followers throughout the UK and Europe. Grandmaster Yue was awarded the title of the ‘World Tai Chi Promotion Ambassador’ by Chenjiagou Tai Chi village and local government authority in China in 2009, due to his great contribution and achievement in bringing Chen Style Tai Chi to the UK and Europe. To further promote Health and Wellness to the world, Grandmaster Yue applied his knowledge gained from the Master Degree in Information Technology to create the Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan platform, enabling wider and  easier access to Tai Chi and Qigong learning and practice for people around the world.

In addition to his teaching and development work at the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre, Grandmaster Yue taught Tai Chi at "Age Concern" an organization that works with and for elderly people; with "The Workers Education Association ", the largest English association for volunteering and teaching; for many private companies; and as a lecturer at the University of Salford and the Medical School of University of Leeds, collaborates with Western Oregon University in USA, the Institute of Medicine Chinese in London and Caledonian University in Glasgow. He also acted as the head of the jury in the international competitions and honorary vice president for the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

Master Yue was awarded 7th Duan Wei in 2004 shortly after the Duan Wei System was established jointly by the Chinese Wushu Association, the National Sport Commission and the Chinese Wushu Research Institute in 1998. He is one of the top 18 In-chamber Disciples of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei (9th Duan Wei, the highest rank of the Duan Wei System), the 11th generation direct-line successor of Chen Family Taijiquan.
Master GIUSEPPE PATERNITI (Chén Déláng 陈德狼)

- 12th Generation Inheritor of Chen’s Tai Chi
- Multiple World Champion (Orlando, USA, 2004; Rome, Italy, 2014)
- Best International Qigong Master (World Qigong Congress - Tokyo, Japan, 2019)
- Technical Director of the “Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation Italy” National Sports Team

Giuseppe Paterniti (Chinese name: Chén Déláng 陈德狼) has the possibility to study regularly with the greatest Chen style Taiji Masters, and in particular with Chen Zhenglei 陈正雷, Zhu Tiancai 朱 天才, Wang Xi’An 王西安, Chen Xiao Wang 陈小旺, Chen Zhiqiang 陈志强, Zhang Dongwu 張東武, going in the Taijiquan historical places in China as well.

In 2003 Paterniti founds the School “STONE TEMPLE TAO”: one of the first Italian schools to offer a complete program of traditional and modern Chen style Taijiquan. At the same time he begins an important sports activity that leads him to become multiple Gold Medalist.

In 2017 he becomes 12th generation holder of Chen style Taijiquan, becoming Inner Student of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei who recognizes him as a member of the Chen Family with the Chinese name Chén Déláng 陈德狼. Since 2018 is President of the Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation Italy.

Among his students there are several World and European Champions as well: Elia Moretton, for example, in 2018 wins a Gold Medal at the Wushu European Championships (official EWuF) in Moscow (Russia) and the First Place at the 3rd World Taijiquan Championships (official IWuF) in Burgas (Bulgaria).

In 2019 Paterniti becomes the CSEN (National Educational Sports Center) National Referent for Chen style Taijiquan. In the same year, receives the “Bronze Palm for Technical Merit” prize, prestigious national honor conferred by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee), for the results obtained by his students at the IWUF International Championships.

Today in Italy, he directs one of the most important and complete national training courses for Chen style Taijiquan instructors, recognized by the Official Italian Wushu Federation (F.I.Wu.K.) and by the major national sports promotion organization (CSEN).

As far as it concerns Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Giuseppe Paterniti starts his first training in 1995 in different Italian Schools and Associations. He deepens his knowledge in Qigong with Doctor Ma Xu Zhou, with Master Sun Jun Qing, with Master Liu Jianshe and with some others of the most important teachers in the world, making use of different methods and traditions. He also trains in Health Qigong with the Chinese Health Qigong Association teachers (Tang Tiejun, Liu Xiaolei, Zhang Yunya and others), learning the art under a modern and sportive aspect. Finally, he’s one of the fewest experts and teachers of Wai Qi Liao Fa in Europe (External Qi Healing): a Qigong branch almost unknown in the West.

Giuseppe Paterniti leads one of the most important national training courses for Qigong teachers (accredited by CSEN - National Educative Sports Center, FISTQ - Italian Tuina and Qigong Schools Federation, AMHA - Alliance for Martial and Healing Arts, Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation Italy).

He is recognized as a Master of the highest degree by the Official Italian Wushu Federation (F.I.Wu.K.) and by the major national sports promotion organization (CSEN). Under the Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation, Master Paterniti is 8th Level Certified Instructor and International Instructor Examiner.
Sifu Nick Taylor

Sifu Nick Taylor was born in London, and now resides in Devon in the South West of England. A keen amateur sportsperson, Nick was first introduced to Chen Style Tai Chi in 1996 at the Manchester University student union building whilst studying there as a mature student. He was immediately drawn to Tai Chi Quan as demonstrated by Master Liming Yue, and instinctively knew that something very special had happened on the first evening, a kind of epiphany, or awakening. The expression ‘when the student is ready, the master appears’ certainly made sense then. He has been training consistently under Grandmaster Liming Yue now for over 24 years. During those years, he has also trained intensively with Grandmasters Chen Zhenglei and Chen Xiaowang in the UK and Europe, and Master Wang Hai Jun in Ireland. He gained his first Chen Style Tai Chi Instructor Certificate after intensive training with Master Zhang Dong Wu in Zhengzhou, China, in the year 2000. By personal recommendation of Grandmaster Liming Yue, Nick was accepted as an Indoor Student of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei in April 2006. More recently he was upgraded to Senior Indoor Student at an official ceremony in Manchester, and as such is a 12th Generation lineage transmitter of authentic Chen Style Tai Chi, awarded the Chinese name Chen Li De by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei. In 2014, Nick also became a Disciple of Grandmaster Liming Yue. 

- Chen Style Tai Chi Instructor, 2000 in Zhengzhou, China 
- Tui Na Master Practitioner of Chinese Medical Massage, 2003 (ITEC & Bodyharmonics) 
- 5th Duan Wei, Chinese Wushu Association, 2009 in Chen Style Tai Chi
- 2nd Duan Wei, Chinese Health Qigong Association, 2010 in the Ba Duan Jin and Wu Qin Xi Qigong Forms
- Level 5 Instructor with Tai Chi Centre UK, 2014

National Tai Chi Competition London, two Gold medals for the Sword Competition (including overall best weapons routine) and Silver for the Chen Tai Chi Forms competition, certified as a competition judge after completing training for the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. 

- Devon Tai Chi Centre – Principal Instructor, Nick Taylor has been teaching Chen Style Tai Chi & Chinese Health Qigong exercises since 2000, part-time initially, and then full time from 2013
- Tui Na Master Practitioner – Nick has been working in private practice since 2013
Sifu Billy Greer

Shifu Billy Greer (Disciple name 陈德礼 – Chen DeLi) was born in Trinidad, West Indies. He and his wife Nancy are the owners of the Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu and Tai Chi near Annapolis, Maryland, USA. Open since 2000, Jing Ying Institute provides training in Tian Shan Pai Kung Fu, Sun Style Tai Chi, and Chen Style Tai Chi. Shifu Billy has hosted numerous workshops with top teachers including Chen ZhengLei, Chen XiaoWang, Zhu TianCai, Chen XiaoXing, Wang HaiJun, Zhu BaoLin, Willy Lin and many more.

Under the Chen ZhengLei TaiJiQuan Federation, Shifu Billy is a Level 7 Certified Instructor, an International Instructor Examiner, the East USA Director, and President of the Jing Ying Branch. He is a Disciple of Willy Lin and a 3rd generation inheritor of Tian Shan Pai Gong Fu. He is also an In-Chamber Disciple of Chen ZhengLei and a 12th generation inheritor of Chen Family TaijiQuan.

In 1973, he began studying folk style wrestling. In 1974, he began his first coaching job, teaching gymnastics for the City of Virginia Beach. During his senior year in high school, he was selected captain of the wrestling team and won first place in the Eastern District Championships. He was also captain of the men’s gymnastics team and cross-country team. During college, he was captain of the wrestling team his sophomore, junior and senior years. In wrestling, he won the Sportsmanship Award his freshman and senior years. During his junior and senior years, he won the Most Valuable Wrestler Award, was the Old Dominion Athletic Conference Champion, and was captain of the cross-country team. As a senior, he was also awarded the Joshua Warren White Award for Sportsmanship from amongst athletes of all sports.

In 1987, he began studying Kung Fu and Tai Chi. He was fortunate to train with Grandmaster Willy Lin, the person who first brought Tian Shan Pai Kung Fu to the USA, and was accepted as a formal disciple and 3rd generation inheritor of the Tian Shan Pai system. Grandmaster Chen ZhengLei accepted him as an Indoor Disciple in 2011, and a 12th generation inheritor of Chen Family TaiJiQuan. Every year since then, he has participated in annual training camps in the USA and China offered by Grandmaster Chen for his disciples. In 2018, GM Chen celebrated his 70th birthday, the 40th anniversary of the Chen ZhengLei TaiJi Association, and the opening of his new training and exhibition center. During the celebration, Shifu Billy was recognized with an award as an Outstanding International Teacher for his work in sharing Chen Tai Chi. He was also promoted to an In-Chamber Disciple during a special pledging ceremony marking the first time USA students had been promoted to that level.

Shifu Billy has won many gold medals in forms, weapons, sparring, tai chi and push hands at local, regional, national and international competitions. He has been a judge at many competitions. Highlights include:
• 2005 Grand Champion of the USA National Open Martial Arts Tournament winning gold in sparring, tai chi, and forms
• 2009 USA WKF National Championships winning gold in advanced sparring and advanced Chen Style Tai Chi
• 30th Anniversary Capitol Classics China Open - Head Judge, Internal Division
• 2014 USAWKF Traditional Team Trial - Head Judge, selecting US representatives for the 6th World Traditional Championship in China.
Sifu John Higginson / Chen De Zhuang 陳德壯

Born in Manchester UK, Mr. Higginson has been studying Eastern traditions since the age of 8, Chinese Martial Arts from 1972 and Buddha’s Dharma since 1974. Mr. Higginson has extensive experience in practicing and training various Chinese Martial Arts forms and is the in-door student of several famous Masters in China, Malaysia, Singapore and UK.

Mr. Higginson started Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) in 1980 and began his studies of Chen style Tai Chi in 1996. From 2009, Mr. Higginson studied Chen style Taiji intensively with Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei and his senior students (WangHJ, FuNB & TongJW). He now works closely with Master Yue Liming.

Mr. Higginson is a 12th generation Chen style and a 3rd generation Zheng (Yang) style direct line successor. He is an Indoor Disciple of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei (9th Duan Wei) and has taught in 14 countries for over 30 years.

He participated in the ‘6th Chen Village Taiji Kungfu Elite Tournament’ in Chenjiagou China 2014 where he won gold and bronze medals as well as participating and judging in Taiji competitions all around the world for several decades. In the 1990’s John worked as a sports injury masseur and taught at a leading massage school. He is a qualified teacher having completed a PGCE course 2002-4 and is a level 2 sports coach amongst other qualifications like CSLA and has spent several years each in India, Malaysia, China and España.
Sifu Garry Seghers

Born in London U.K. Mr. Seghers trained in Judo and Aikido until he moved to Staffordshire where he joined the British Kung Fu Association in 1997. He started training in Yang Style Tai Chi in 2002 with John Russell 7th Degree Lau Gar Guardian (BKFA) and has visited and studied Tai Chi at the Huang Feihong Memorial Hall, Foshan, China under Master Lau. He also studied Yang Style under Dr. Yang Ywing-Ming on his visits to the UK and at a summer camp in Poland.

Mr. Seghers started his training In Chen style Tai Chi in 2006 with Grandmaster Liming Yue at the Tai Chi Centre Manchester, England and is now recognised as a level 5 Senior Instructor by the Grandmaster. While visiting and studying in China under the Grandmaster he has achieved the grade of 4th Duan Wei from the Chinese Wushu Association and is a Senior Indoor Student of the Grandmaster.

He is also studying with Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei and attended the 5th Chen Zhenglei Taichi Symposium and 20th International Chen’s Taichi Advanced Workshop training with Master Chen Bin (Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei’s son) in 2018. In 2019 he attended the 6th Chen Zhenglei Taichi Symposium and 21st International Chen’s Taichi Advanced Workshop training with double sabre and double sword. During this visit to China he was accepted as an Indoor Student of the Grandmaster and as an Executive Board Member of the Chen Zhenglei Federation representing the Vietnam Branch, as he moved there in 2016.

In Vietnam he has started teaching Tai Chi on the beach in the mornings in Da Nang City with private lessons at his house and has two additional Chen groups in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City that he visits. In 2010 Mr. Seghers was awarded the Chinese Health Qigong Association 2nd Duan and also teaches several Qigong forms from the association.
Sifu Jamal Alek

Born in Manchester UK, Mr. Alek studied a wide range of Chinese Martial Arts from a young age and has over 20 years Tai Chi experience. His studies ranged from Tai Chi Quan, Yong Chun, Shaolin Quan, Lau Gar Fist to Chinese Health Qigong exercises and working with Internal Energy or Neigong in both UK as well as in Mainland China.

Mr. Alek was awarded the international Tai Chi Gold Medalist in 2016 & again in 2017 guiding his team to winning gold silver and bronze medals and the Ronnie Robinson trophy for Push Hands Applications. Mr Alek is currently on the Chen Tai Chi judging panel for the London Tai Chi Competitions held each year. He is the head of the Southern Chinese Lion and Dragon Dance Team performing across the UK during the Chinese holidays and celebrations to promote Chinese culture to communities, working with charities across the Northwest including Manchester Chinese Centre, Northwest Chinese Language Centre, Trafford Blue Sci, and working on his own charitable cause, The Beautiful Heart Project. He has recently been awarded 1st place gold for the first ever China-UK Health Qigong Baduanjin Video competition 2020, and also receiving the Gold People's Choice Awards with outstanding votes.

Mr. Alek is a 13th generation direct line successor and Indoor Disciple of Grandmaster Liming Yue, a senior instructor of the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre UK and chief instructor and manager of Gazing Eagle Martial Arts Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre and continues to teach, promote and preserve Chinese martial arts health and culture for future generations.
Sifu Li Wen

Brought up in a family of practising Chinese medicine, Qigong and Chinese Martial Arts (“Wu Shu”), Ms. Wen’s father is a famous Chinese Medicine Doctor and Qigong Master in the region, who had learned from the most famous Qigong master in China in 1970s.

Ms. Wen started her Tai Chi and Qigong training at the age of 12 with Grandmaster Xiao Xiang, the general coach of Hunan province Wushu Group. With this in-depth experience and background, Ms. Wen was chosen as part of the training team for Retired Governors in China in 1990. Ms. Wen has been teaching and carrying out workshops since she graduated from her Master Degree in Business Administration and Management in UK. Currently, Ms. Wen provides training and classes on Tai Chi, Qigong at different levels as well as Kung Fu for beginners.

Ms. Wen is a senior instructor of Chen Style Tai Chi Centre in Edinburgh UK as well as for the Tai Chi Union Great Britain.