Master Liming Yue – Background in Tai Chi and Qigong

Master Liming Yue originally began the study of Shaolin martial arts as a child in China in 1972.  Eleven years later, amazed by the skills of a young student from the famous village of Chenjiagou he began his journey to understand the internal arts by studying orthodox Chen Style Tai Chi under the 11th Generation Chen Masters in the village. Having learnt from the most skillful and experienced Tai Chi masters in China and having extensively studied Internal Qigong with masters from the monastery on Nanyue Mountain, Master Yue moved from mainland China to the United Kingdom and founded the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre in 1995.

Since 1982, Master Liming Yue has helped many students to begin a journey of their own and he now spends his time teaching seminars and training instructors throughout Europe, and producing
instructional Books, DVDs and Videos.

Through his teaching, Master Yue has helped to develop a deeper understanding of the principles and phylosophy of Tai Chi that is accessible and valuable to all students and scholars.

Master Liming Yue holds a 7th Duan Wei, officially awarded by the Chinese Government National Martial Arts Association.