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Watch Live classes provided to the platform members by the Tai Chi Centre UK

We are now broadcasting all classes in the Centre. As a platform member you will be able to watch our classes from 1:00pm to 1:50pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until further notice. The Live class videos will only appear in the window below during the opening hours shown above.

Tai Chi Qigong Foundation Form

Warm up and Qigong Follow me;Silk Reeling Exercises; Qigong Foundation Exercise 1; Qigong Foundation Exercise 2;
Warm up and Qigong Foundation follow me

Tai Chi 8 Form – Master Liming Yue

Front View Demonstration; Back View Demonstration; Instruction part 1; Instruction part 2;Follow Me
Tai Chi 8 Form

Laojia Form – Master Liming Yue

Demonstration;Part 1 - 1;Part 1 - 2;Part 1 - 3;Part 2;
Laojia Form

Sword Form – Master Liming Yue (Timed content)

The following downloadable videos are free for you to download:

Tai Chi 8 form teaching in Chinese – 75 minutes 2018-02-17

Yan Zhigang Walm up exercises 2018-02-17

Zhang Dongwu 18 Form part 1 teaching 2018-02-18

83 Form – Teaching first 5 movement – Liming Yue

Laojia Private lesson with Damia – Liming Yue

Tai Chi 8 Form Demonstration – Liming Yue

Wushu Performance in London 2017