Watch face to face Streaming Teaching

This is a channel that allows you to watch private lessons conducted by Grandmaster Liming Yue when he teaching Face-to-Face online private lessons. You will need a password to access this video stream prior to the broadcast.

Tai Chi Centre studio: 太极中心演播室

Zhengzhou studio: 郑州演播室

3D Studio.

Portugal Studio.

English Teaching: Tomena English

To book your Private Lessons

The One-to-One and group online Face-to-Face teaching lessons can be take place on another page. Please follow this link.

Valid Systems

Tests have been done to prove the operation of the system and the following are know to work:

  • United Kingdom
    • Iphone 5
    • Android 4+
    • PC windows 7 – Firefox or Opera
    • PC Windows 10 – Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Opera

On some systems it is necessary to install a plug-in for the browser.
We have also provided a link to the stream that can be played with VLC. VideoLAN (VLC) download this program is free and very versatile.

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