Please use the links below to get to the pages on which are the test streams. We will be using two methods to deliver the streams, one for small number of students the other when we are doing mass broadcast.

We are testing different browsers to find which work with these links so that we can give advise on the best solution for viewing them.  So far the links play natively in the following browsers

[table id=1 /]

If you run a system that is not listed above please test and let us know with the Support Form so that we can make the table as complete as possible.  Also if a system needs a few tweaks to get it to work please let us know so that we can pass them on.

It is possible to play the stream in some other programs such as VLC.  Using VLC requires some technical knowledge but it works on all platforms.  Links that can be used with VLC are shown on the test pages.


When the stream is being delivered to small numbers of students we will use Video Stream – 1 (Nimble).  This service is fully under our control.  The stream on this page is not protected by password and can be viewed by anybody.


For Seminars where there will be a large number of students viewing at the same time we will use a public delivery network.  This stream can be viewed on Video Stream – 2 (CDN).  For test purposes this stream is not protected by password.We will try to maintain these test streams at all times.

If you are not able to see anything there may be several reasons.  If you think that the stream may not be working please use the contact form to report the problem.