Through this page you can have live video calls with Master Yue.  This system will work as one-to-one or one-to-many with very little change of equipment.

The Video Call System

After further testing and development we have a new system for video calls with Master Yue.  It uses the same software that is used for the video broadcasts and provides a high quality image.  We have described below the equipment that you will need and how it will operate.


  1. Laptop or PC
  2. WebCam – Logitech C920 works well (this includes a reasonable microphone)
  3. Speakers – enough for all to hear Master Yue
  4. A web browser
  5. An Internet connection – The faster the better.
  6. A copy of AnyDesk running on the laptop is only required if you need assistance over distance.
  7. A screen or projector that gives an image big enough for all to see.  The resolution should be HD (1920×1080).  We will not make any recommendations for suitable devices.


  1. Plug all of the equipment together.
  2. In your browser check the connection to the camera, microphone and speaker.
  3. Please do not leave the set-up to the beginning of the lesson.


  • A URL link will be given by Master Yue; this may be fixed.
    It will look like
    You will be given a 10 character password.
  • Put that link into the browser and insert your name into the first box.  If the password is missing put it in the second box.
  • Set up your camera, microphone and speakers to work through your browser.
  • You will immediately see a small image from your camera in your browser so you can see what is sent to Master Yue.
  • The Video Call display layout and on-screen controls

  • If the call is rejected it may be that there is either a corruption of the link or it is in use.
  • Please be careful with the placement of the loudspeakers and the webcam microphone to avoid feedback.
  • Once Master Yue is streaming the main window will show his end and you will be able to talk to Master Yue.
  • There will be a short delay on the video and voice that will depend on the distance between the sites and Internet delays.
  • See the pictures above for more information about the on-screen buttons.
  • To terminate the call click the red handset.


  • Download and install the Webcam control software from:
  • The download speed should not be a problem but Upload is important for the quality that Master Yue sees; 1.2Mbps will give good results.
  • AnyDesk can be downloaded from and is our way of giving support from afar.
  • Check your Firewall and Antivirus that they allow the connection of the devices to the Internet.

Using a mobile phone as a camera

If it necessary to use a mobile phone as the camera then we advise displaying the stream from Master Yue on your computer screen.


  • In a browser on your phone make the call with the provided URL.
  • Set up the camera and microphone.
  • On the computer go to log in and from the menu select:
    Video Teaching – Video Live Stream
  • Connect speakers to the computer.
  • Otherwise it is the same as for a Laptop.


We plan to have a calendar system in the future to enable you to request and book one-to-one sessions.