Live Stream Seminar Video Clips on 28th June 2020 – Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei


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This is a special opportunity to purchase the Essence of Chen Style Tai Chi livestream seminar video clips by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei. It consits of 110 minutes video footage and two parts of seminars includes sitting lecture and standing up exercises. The seminar was conducted by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei in USA and assisted by Master Jack Yan in Canada and hosted by Master Liming Yue in the UK.

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2: Download the full seminar video clips at £15.99; The download links will be sent out to you by email.

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3 reviews for Live Stream Seminar Video Clips on 28th June 2020 – Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei

  1. liming

    Very enjoyable and far reaching session and Vmix worked perfectly. Thank you very much !!! Really appreciate Jack’s translation – some were really not easy to translate 😆 From David Goad

  2. liming

    Brilliant, so much more to think about and feel. Really appreciate all the hard work to put on this seminar. Feel very lucky. Thank you, and Jack for all the translating. From Olivia Wells

  3. liming

    Muy interesante conferencia teórico-práctica. Agradecimientos al Maestro Liming por su plataforma online, al Maestro Jack Yan por su traducción, y al GM Chen Zhenglei por hacer comprensibles conceptos tan esenciales. P.A.  Martin.

     Very interesting theoretical-practical conference.  Thanks to Master Liming for his online platform, Master Jack Yan for his translation, and GM Chen Zhenglei for making such essential concepts understandable.  P.A.  Martin.

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