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Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation is an online teaching platform which provides worldwide Tai Chi and Qigong practitioners the opportunity to learn and access live-streaming teaching, video library including pre-recorded teaching materials as well as special live-streaming seminar events provided by different Instructors across the globe.

Retirees’ Club’s classes are bespoke, at a slower and gentler pace, enabling members to follow easily and feel comfortable for practice on a regular basis. You can choose to become a corporate / group member or an individual member.


As an individual member you will be able to enjoy full access to the Retirees’ Club’s online teaching and related materials as well as other Clubs’ front page that are hosted on Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation’s platform.

As a corporate / group member you will be able to enjoy full access to the Retirees’ Club’s online teaching and related materials as well as the Bronze membership area of other Clubs that are hosted on Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation’s platform, for more class options and videos.

Online classes provided by the Retirees’ Club will be conducted via Zoom. We will publish the Meeting ID and Password in the Member Area. The simplest way is to click the Zoom logo on the Timetable page and enter the Password only, alternatively, launch the Zoom application and enter the Meeting ID and Password.

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Private one-on-one Club or individual lesson

To enjoy a more tailored class, members are welcome to book private lessons with our instructors either on an individual basis or as a group. Please contact Ms. Fion Chow at Email: fionchow@chenzhenglei.com or Mobile: (44) 7825 499040 for more information.

Examples of Private one-on-one lesson [Please insert my private lesson video clips w/ other Sifus 5-10 minutes each]

Advanced Instructional Videos

Part 1 – teaching clips from 8 Form seminar by Master Liming Yue 2-3 May 2020.

<br />
Tai Chi 8 Form Performance;Follow me with energy releasing;Performance with speed change;Talk about relationship of 8 Form with 11 Form
Demonstration of Tai Chi 8 Form

Part 2 – teaching clips from 8 Form seminar by Master Liming Yue 2-3 May 2020.

<br />
Form 1 - Tai Chi Stance;Form 2 - Lazy about tying coat;Form 3 - Six Sealing and four Closing;Form 4 - Single Whip;
Tai Chi Stance

Part 3 – teaching clips from 8 Form seminar by Master Liming Yue 2-3 May 2020.

<br />
Form 5 - White Crane Spreads its Wings;Form 6 - Walk Forward Diagonally;Form 7 - Tai Chi Stance;Form 8 - Closing and Soluting;
White Crane Spreads its Wings

Part 1 of teaching clips from Tai Chi 24 Simplified Form classes by Instructor Wenli.

<br />
Section one teaching in details;Live lesson on 9th April 2020;Intensive Qigong exercise;Basic Form;
Section one teaching in details

Shifu John Higginson Demonstrations

Video clips library for Tai Chi 8 Form classes of Instructor Wenli

We have recorded livestream lessons for the purpose of reviewing and future reference. The following video clips are from our live classes conducted by Instructor Wenli.

<br />
Talk on first lesson;<br />
Warm up exercises;Qigong Exercises;Silk Reeling exercises;8 Form<br />

Yan’s Tube Replay 言之视频重播

Click to play video 点击播放

三声万物 - 疫情下的反思;谈谈孩子;Tongbei 36 Moves;Eight Immortals Sword;Traditional Whipstick;

Promotional Videos 视频资料展区

Please select the footage to play the videos. 请使用下方的滚动条选择您要观看的视频。

L_J_and_J;Tongbei 36 Moves;Eight Immortals Sword;Traditional Whipstick;

Qigong Videos 免费教学视频

Front Page; Ba Duan Jin; Qigong Foundation; Warm up; Lau Gung Point; Lau Gung Breathing; Sitting Baduanjin

The Chen Style Tai Chi 11 Short Form.

The Chen Style Tai Chi 8 Short Form.

This is teaching clips from Intensive Training seminar in Italy by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei.

<br />
Cannon Fist Performance;Talk about the Instructor;Talk about the training;Laojia Demonstration;8 Strengths;Application;
Cannon Fist Performance

Qigong Breathing Exercises, Warm Ups, Silk Reeling Exercises

Qigong Breathing Exercises;Warm up Exercises Level 2;
Qigong Breathing Exercises

Retirees’ Club Free Broadcast Channel [Please insert my private lessons w/ Dear Sifu & Jack]

Other Clubs Free Broadcast Channel




[please give me access rights to re-arrange the product order by people]

Tai Chi Promotional Videos

Tai Chi 11 form; Warm Up Exercise; 8 Form Lesson 2;
Tai Chi 11 Form

Qigong Promotional Videos

Foundation Exercise 1; Foundation Exercise 5;
Qigong Breathing Exercises