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Warm Up Exercises

Bio: Master Yijiao Hong has over 33 years teaching experience. She graduated from ZheJiang Normal University 1988 ,was a former assistant professor of ZheJiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hang Zhou, China and earned Certified International A Grade Wushu & Taichi Judge in Beijing 2004. Master Hong represented USA as Taichi team instructor at the First World Taichi and Health Conference held in SanYa,  Hainan Province 2001, her students won the first and second places in Chen taichi division. Master Hong is a 12th generation descendant of Chen Style Tai Chi and in-chamber disciple of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, she has been hosting GM Chen Zhenglei’s Taichi seminar in Seattle from 1998-2016. Master Hong founded Chinese Wushu & Taichi Academy LLC in Seattle in 1996, she also is a Taichi instructor at University of Washington since 2015.

Contact: Master Yijiao Hong

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