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Master Zhang Dongwu

Master Zhang Dongwu

Zhang Dongwu, male, born in the original place of Tai Chi--- Chen village in 1970, Wushu Six Dan (a system of Wushu evaluation), state senior coach, one of "Ten Outstanding Tai Chi Elites", one of direct line prominent apprentices of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, skillful in Tai Chi Kungfu and has original view on training and actual combat technique.

Since 1987, coach Zhang has won brilliant exploits at various competitions. In 1994, he won the "Excellent" at Tai Chi Exchange Conference between Taiwan and Mainland. In 1996, won the championship and the title of "Kungfu Elite" at National Wushu Elites Meet.". Won the gold shield at the 12th European world Wushu festival hold in Paris, France. In 2000, won the gold plate at International Martial Arts Conference hold in Korea. In 1998, won the title of "Wenxian county Excellent Master". In 2001, won the title of "Wenxian County Outstanding Youth". From 1999 to 2001, Zhang Dongwu takes the post of being coach in the Annual International Tai Chi Training Class. In May 2000, was selected as the coach of Henan representative team and won two gold medals and two copper medals at the National Wushu Tai Chi Tournament. In resent years, coach Zhang has visited and taught in many countries and regions at the invitations of France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He published Martial Arts articles and papers in national Wushu magazines, and three of them won the title of "Fine Works" at Annual International Tai Chi Meeting. His story is put in great works of "World Outstanding Talent", "China's Civil Wushu Masters" and "History of Chen-style Tai Chi".

Now he is elected as the vice-director of training department of Wenxian county Tai Chi Wushu gymnasium, vice-secretary and coach general of Wenxian County Chen-style Tai Chi Research Society, committee member of the Fifth Wenxian County Political Consultative conference, general coach of Paris Academy of Chinese Medicine Qigong, adviser of California International Wushu Training Center, general consultant of Hong Kong Chinese International Conference, coach of Henan Chen Zhenglei Tai Chi Culture Co., Ltd.


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