Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation

Chen Zhenglei Ltd,  trading as  Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation, teaches and promotes the principles and philosophy of Tai Chi and Chinese Health Qigong. The physical Tai Chi Centre is located in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province, China and our Online Live Streaming Teaching Platform film studios are hosted in China, Canada and UK. We offer Tai Chi and Qigong DVDs, hold instructional Tai Chi & Qigong classes and seminars in both Tai Chi Centre in China and the Online Live Streaming Teaching Platform, organise seminars throughout the whole world, and arrange annual study trips to China. The Federation´s aim is to develop an understanding of all aspects of Tai Chi (Taijiquan) and Qigong that is accessible and valuable to all students and scholars.

Current Executive Committee Board Members and Consutant:

Chen Zhenglei – President – 总裁
Lu Lili – Vice President – 副总裁
Yue Liming – Executive President, Company Director & Secretary – 执行总裁兼公司董事长及秘书长
Yan Zhigang – Vice Executive President and Company Director – 副执行总裁兼公司董事长
Wang Haijun – Tai Chi Technique Consultant – 太极技术顾问
Pete Hornby – Administrative Director – 行政执行董事
Fabio Varesi – Vice Secretary 副秘书长
Paul Cutland – IT Technique Director – 网路技术执行董事
Liu Anding – Financial Executive Director – 财务执行董事
He Ziqing – Marketing Director – 市场执行董事
Tang Hong – Media Director – 媒体执行董事

Giuseppe Paterniti – Italy Branch President – 意大利分会总裁

Volunteers and Resellers:

Pepe – Denia, Spain 西班牙丹尼亚
Sergio Terramoto – Portugal 葡萄牙波尔图
Alfie – Germany 德国
Jean noel Poucet – French 法国北
Patricia Flatt – American 美国俄勒冈
Jamal Alek – Manchester 英国曼城
Ivan Moss – Manchester 英国曼城
John Higginson – Manchester 英国曼城
Nick Taylor – Devon, UK 英国德文
Pluto – Athens, Greece 希腊雅典
David – Bowker – Manchester 英国曼城
Steven Burton – Blackburn 英国布莱克本

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Please feel free to contact us at or visit our office in the Tai Chi Centre in the U.K.

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