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Shifu Billy Greer

Shifu Billy Greer (Disciple name 陈德礼 – Chen DeLi) was born in Trinidad, West Indies. He and his wife Nancy are the owners of the Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu and Tai Chi near Annapolis, Maryland, USA. Open since 2000, Jing Ying Institute provides training in Tian Shan Pai Kung Fu, Sun Style Tai Chi, and Chen Style Tai Chi.

The Greer’s have worked hard to promote Chinese Martial Arts in the US. In addition to offering a full schedule of classes,  Jing Ying has hosted numerous workshops with top teachers including Chen ZhengLei, Chen XiaoWang, Zhu TianCai, Chen XiaoXing, Wang HaiJun, Zhu BaoLin, Willy Lin and more.

They have also worked hard to support the local community. The Jing Ying Institute has raised over $100,000 for local charity, donated thousands of pounds of food, and also donated clothing, services and more. Nancy was honored with an ASPIRE Community Service Award, she was recognized as the Maryland State Women in Business Champion of the Year by the Maryland Small Business Association, and she has served as president of the Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce.

Shifu Billy has been recognized with a citation for heroism by the Maryland State General Assembly for jumping into a pond to rescue an accident victim whose vehicle was sinking. He has been recognized in China with an award as an Outstanding International Teacher for his work in helping to share Chen Tai Chi. Under the Chen ZhengLei Federation, he is a Level 7 Certified Instructor, an International Instructor Examiner, the East USA Director, and President of the Jing Ying Branch. He is a Disciple of Willy Lin and a 3rd generation inheritor of Tian Shan Pai Gong Fu. He is also an In-Chamber Disciple of Chen ZhengLei and a 12th generation inheritor of Chen Family TaijiQuan.

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